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Proqualis Solutions utilises its expertise with strong networks in sourcing, matching, supplying and managing of oil & gas professionals and personnel in all diciplines.

This is made possible by the thousands of updated or new CVs of qualified professionals from various nationalities and disciplines from our database. ProQualis Solutions Databank is strong and reliable for Offshore and Onshore requirements

Our teams all focus completely on their dedicated area – so we can qualify candidates to a very high technical level. We understand the needs of our clients; permitting us to reduce time to hire cycles by very quickly evaluating a candidate’s suitability.

Our helpful HR Consultants are always happy to assist and problem-solve.

ProQualis Solutions is committed to providing total solutions and services from the start till the end. This includes:

  1. Job matching and job placement

  2. Conducting interviews

  3. Training of profesionals

  4. Paperwork such as arranging for work permits, tax and etc.

  5. Mobilisation and demobilisation arrangements and etc.

We specialise in sourcing for professionals for FEED Engineering Design, EPCC, Commissioning, Construction, Fabrication, Marine, Sub-Surface Engineering, Drilling, Installation, Geology, Geoscience, Shale Gas, EOR, CBM, IT & System, Project Control, Cost Engineering and more



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