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The area of global mobility is a large and complex area of Human Resource . Global mobility refers to managing both global and domestic assignments, national and international transfers, the planning and costing of inbound and outbound movements, being aware of the tax compliance issues, immigration issues as well as all the personal issues that arise when an organisation of moving people from one jurisdiction to another. Within the oil and gas industry, contractor mobilisation and on-boarding the right people to the right location at the right time is a critical part of the smooth running of projects and operations. There are times when numerous contractors are needed urgently and often particular specialist skills and experience required. Proqualis Solutions deliver contractors to meet project needs in all parts of the worldMobilisation/ relocation arrangements.

  1. Administration of vaccinations, insurances and travel bookings

  2. Visa, work permit, employment pass, medical and alien card services.

  3. Meet & greet, orientation and settling-in services

  4. Schooling advice and enrolment

  5. Local accommodation and transportation

  6. HSE/Emergency preparedness services

  7. De-mobilisation arrangements

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