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Contract recruitment

We use our years’ of contract recruitment experience in the oil, gas industry to select only the best candidates to pass on to our clients. We do this through a highly effective process called “Talent Pipelining”. This activity is primarily relationship-focused, based on Proqualis solutions strong history of recommendations and durability of service to the market.

For urgent contract recruitment needs, Proqualis solutions has a wide-ranging database of experienced oil and gas contractors ready for fast mobilisation. Our reputation gives us access to candidates outside of conventional channels. we actively involve with new candidate communities – especially through our innovative use of social media in recruitment.

Our teams all focus completely on their dedicated area – so we can qualify candidates to a very high technical level. We understand the needs of our clients; permitting us to reduce time to hire cycles by very quickly evaluating a candidate’s suitability.

Proqualis solutions also stand for the client’s brand positively in all our discussions with candidates.

Proqualis solutions teams have the knowledge and experience to ensure full contractor compliance. This ensures no costly project delays through unforeseen complications such as visa problems or incorrect paperwork. We allow contractors to focus on their work and deliver value to our client from day one. We take on the contractor’s administrative burden, with our service including visa and work permit assistance, arranging medicals, travel, transport and accommodation.

Proqualis solutions highly personalised service means that contractors do not feel isolated whilst they are on project location

Proqualis solutions understand project requirements and challenges. Our clients trust us to keep their contractors happy, safe and compliant so their projects run smoothly and without interruption. We use key account management to ensure we work in accordance with client preferences and expectations.

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